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1) The stakeholders involved within the UK fashion industry and the key issues impacting on UK fashion today.

1E) The organisations involved in the marketing and promotion of fashion for example advertising/communication agencies, PR, event management, media/publishing.

In the fashion industry the marketing industry looks into the process of analysing, developing and marketing the current trends in fashion to analyse and develop the sale strategy of a company. (Mastering Fashion Marketing by Tim Jackson).


In the retail and any other industry, advertising for a company is important due to the fact that it helps keep the consumers informed on the new products or services available to them from the company, from this it also helps spread awareness to potential buyers. 

Posner informs us that “The ultimate aim is of course to generate sales, but under the surface advertising endeavours to Reinforce a brand’s image, Communicate a brand’s position in the market, Embed specific meanings into the consumer psyche, Tap into consumer aspirations, Create desire for the brand and its products.” This underlines the main areas which advertising covers for a company. 


BELOVED is a fashion advertising agency that creates striking, visually arresting marketing and communication for leading brands. This agency was put together by artist and the creative director Jenny White. It is said to be “a refreshing new energy on the branding and advertising scene” which is said on the site itself. 

Alongside White is two other creative who in which has worked independently and together on numerous creative projects. Next to White is Simon who is also the creative director who has worked in both big and small advertising agencies in London, Sydney, Paris and New York.  

Other Advertising/ Communication Companies 
• Organised Confusion
• The Fashion Spot

PR stands for Public Relations, which is all about a brands reputation, the overall aim of PR is al about getting “media coverage and to establish and generate a favourite image of a organisation” (Posner 2011). The main function of PR is building relationships to advance, promote, and benefit the reputation of you yourself, your department and institution. This is supported by Jackson and Shaw, they describe PR to be “the specific marketing function that seeks to promote an organisation and its products and activities by generating publicity.”

Even though PR is cost effective relative to advertising, it is still vital to determine and measure the effectiveness. It can be done by the following; clip reports, column inches, advertising value equivalent (AVE), public opinion or audience sentiment and share of voice. (Posner 2011).

SNOW is a pubic relations company which started by working on a mix with luxury designer labels and highstreet brands, fashion show management, some personality PR and celebrity events. SNOW is also the PR agency for London Fashion Week media team. 

Other PR Companies
• My Lola PR
• Stylesmith! PR
• Fashion Wardrobe PR
• Style House PR
• Rachel Meis Communications
• Carrie Leber PR
• Pitch! Press

1F) The specialist and professional organisations associated with the fashion industry.

Event Management  

Events management is the process behind planning, executing and evaluating corporate, association, non profit, government and social events. Events management requires strong organizational, budgeting and creative skills. Event management companies handle all the creative, technical and logistical elements of an event.

Vissamsetti Pradeepthi states in his article that “As a strategic marketing and communications tool event management also covers press conference for product launches as a promotional event that will help their clients to communicate well with their prospective clients.” 

The British Fashion Council

The British Fashion Council is an organisation which aims to showcase British designers and develop London’s position as a major player in the international fashion arena. They showcase the best of British designer collections to international press and buyers at a globally recognised event, London Fashion Week. 

On their site they describe themselves to be “committed to developing excellence and growth in a sector that is a significant contributor to the British economy. We nurture, support and promote British fashion talent to a global market.” This shows us of high class they are with their status and well connected in the fashion industry to network designers to the audience and the media. 

Other Event Management Companies
• Event Concept
• Dilema Events
• Agency X Events
• MM- Mass Movement

Media/ Publishing  

Retail stores can use local media to advertise any promotions, sales and products for example local weekly newspapers, public transport, external posters and bill board displays, direct mail to customers, tv commercials, local radio, window and in store displays. 

Overall View of Marketing and Promotion of FashionCondé Nast

In the marketing aspects of the fashion industry there are companies which have small or big stakeholders to help manage/ organise the company. For example Vogue magazine’s publishing company is called Condé Nast which on the site states that they have “18 consumer magazines, four business-to-business publications, 27 websites, and more than 50 apps for mobile and tablet devices, all of which define excellence in their categories.” The publishing company originates from the United Sates and was founded in 1909. 

Partnership Marketing and Media Group in Condé Nast

When being in partnership with Condé Nast it is based on the strategic focus on mutual growth for the company through marketing innovation; meaning that Condé Nast helps improve the marketing aspect of the company. 

Condé Nast media group helps make marketing solutions that inspire the consumer across the paid, owned and earned media landscape. 

Benefits of Partnership with Condé Nast

The benefits are that it gives the company access to top brands, award winning content producers and editors and promotional channels and tools to popular audiences. 

Overall, marketing and promotions in the fashion industry is vital because it help communicate to the audiences about what brands have to offer them but also spreads awareness of existing products or services offered in the highstreet and with luxury brands to potential and future buyers. Marketing and promotions help gather and organise information to plan advertising campaigns for companies.

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